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How To Make A Whirligig Toy

Friction and string whirligigs. String powered whirligigs require the operator to wrap the string around a shaft and then pull the string to cause the whirligig’s …

Colonial Children’s Games In Colonial times, children didn’t have electronic toys, or factories to make their toys. Many children or their parents made their toys …

Arts & Craft: How to make WhirligigWhirligig Woodworking Plans – Instructions on how to build … – Pegasus with Bonus Cardinal Whirligig Scrollsaw Woodworking Plan PDF: This plan provides all of the instructions to make the Pegasus whirlygig (shown here with Green …

This tutorial will show you how to make a 12.5″ square whirligig block, alternating colorful scraps of fabric with your background or focus fabric.

Automaton Plans – downloads plans and plans in books

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